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Five Things You Want To Know Before Putting Your Home On The Market

Hi everyone, my name is Eugenie. I am the owner of Eugenie Realty Group, a top real estate brokerage team in Irvine and Newport Beach. In the last year, my team and I sold over 46 homes. And we love helping our buyers and sellers in Orange County.

A lot of people ask me how to get a home sold in the shortest time with the highest price. This is a very tricky question, especially when the market has shifted to a slower pace. If you are a seller or a real estate agent, I'm going to share with you five tips that I recommend to get a home sold quickly with the best price. Because a home is usually the most valuable asset a seller owns, it is critical to maximize the price and minimize the timelines for any transaction.

  1. Paint: A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance of your home without breaking the bank. Before you put your home on the market, the first thing is to ask your Realtor about the paint when you do the walk through. It’s a good idea to repaint your home in order to keep it looking clean and new. Particularly if your home appears a little bit dim, the right paint can often brighten and lighten the interior and make it more appealing to a buyer. This value is both tangible and intangible. A clean, well-painted home is more likely to fetch a higher sale price than a home that is not. On top of that, it helps it look nicer in the photos and videos. Chipping paint is a big turn-off to a potential buyer. Paint color is super important with neutral colors being much more appealing. Also, please do pay attention to the baseboards too.

  2. Declutter: Declutter and clean the home inside & out and trim the backyard. Buyers will very quickly form a first impression about a property, and it's very difficult to change that impression later on. A clean and organized house is very cheerful and will convey the right first impression to a potential buyer. For example, declutter the house and remove personal items from counters. Pack some clothing away and leave some closet space. When you have pets, remove smells and odors and keep the house bright and fresh. Grass and landscaping need to be trimmed and maintained. Getting the details right here are very important.

  3. Repairs: Do some repairs before putting your home on the market. When a potential buyer walks into your home, you want to make sure they can't find too many small issues that can potentially make them walk away from placing an offer. Buyers love to move into 'a perfect home'. Small issues that buyers can easily see will often make them worry about bigger issues that they can't see. For example, a small leaking pipe can make a prospective buyer worry about the entire plumbing system or even mold issues for the entire house. They also might think "if you are not maintaining this aspect of the house well, I wonder what else you are not taking care of?" Selling your home is much easier when the place is in good shape. Taking care of the details, even when they seem trivial, can be the difference between making a deal and the buyer walking away.

  4. Photos: I can't emphasize enough how important the photos are. With over 95% of home buyers shopping houses online, the way you visually market your listings or your home is critical to stand out from the crowd. As a result, the best way to differentiate yourself and get more showings with potential buyers is with professional photos. A really good photographer is expensive, but they can make a HUGE difference in making the right first impression and attracting buyers to schedule showings or to come to open houses. The average buyer will browse through dozens or even hundreds of homes in their search, and they usually spend only a couple of minutes on each. You don't have a lot of opportunities to catch their attention. It's usually worth it to spend money for a top notch photographer.

  5. Staging: Staging is expensive, but it is worth it given the cost of a typical Orange County home. Staging is like a total make-over for your home. A lot of buyers walk into a home and can't figure out where to put their table or sofa. Not everyone can fully understand the space. Staging can help a buyer visualize the possibilities of a room. Great staging makes a buyer think "Gosh I would like to live in this house". Also, a house without staging looks empty. It doesn't feel homey and inviting. Professional staging makes your home look attractive and move-in ready.

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