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Fun Facts About The Great Park

Hello! My name is Eugenie Zheng from the Eugenie Realty Group, and today I am going to share 10 facts that you probably did not know about the Great Park.

  1. The Great Park neighborhoods, which were named because of their numerous, beautiful parks, currently contains 7 parks. These parks are named Rise Park, Novel Park, Cadence Park, Parasol Park, Beacon Park, Pavillion Park, and Pools Park. Each park has it’s own distinctive design and features, and every park contains it’s own clubhouse. Each neighborhood also has multiple pools. Residents of the Great Park Neighborhoods are able to access all pools, parks, clubhouses, and other amenities, such as grills, gardens, and firepits within the great park neighborhoods using their keyfob, which is provided by the HOA. Solis park, which will be the eighth and newest park to join the Great Park neighborhoods family of parks, is still under construction. This park is currently planned to feature a lounge, pool, spa, fire pit, play areas, and outdoor lawns.

  2. The great park neighborhoods contain extensive walkable and bikeable trails, with over 20 miles of completed and planned trails to be included in the community. Every household that moves in to the Great Park Neighborhoods receives an orange bike so that residents can maximize their use of the plentiful outdoor areas in the great park.

  3. As you tour the great park neighborhoods, you will notice a number of extremely large trees, including the large pine tree in parasol park. This tree, known as the Parasol Pine, was planted in the 1950s in the exact location that it currently stands in and has never been moved. Hundreds of other large trees, knows as Heritage Trees, were saved from the former Marine Corps Station El Toro and were transplanted throughout the neighborhoods.

  4. The Great Park was built on the decommissioned Marine Corps Station El Toro. This air station began construction in August of 1942, and was decommissioned in July of 1999. Currently, the former base is home to more than 450 acres of park space, with over 3,000 additional acres still in progress. The great park has maintained the history of the Marine Corps Station El Toro by preserving and reusing buildings, such as the repurposed military structures in the palm court which currently make up a cultural campus.

  5. The Home Owner’s Association for the Great Park neighborhoods continuously holds events to engage residents from all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Residents of the great park neighborhoods are even able to create their own community clubs, which will operate under the HOA, and can use clubhouses to hold meetings and events for their clubs. Overall, the community experience in the Great Park neighborhoods is unlike anything else you will experience.

  6. The Great Park also has a number of public amenities, including the Sports Complex. The sports complex in the great park features a championship soccer stadium with seating for over 2,500 spectators, up to 24 soccer fields, a tennis center which includes a championship court with seating, as well as an additional 24 lighted tennis courts, a championship volleyball court with seating, as well as an additional 4 lighted sand volleyball courts, four basketball courts, 10 baseball fields, two championship baseball stadiums, and children’s play areas.

  7. The Great Park is home to the Great Park ice facility and five point arena, which currently serves as the practice facility for the Anaheim Ducks hockey team. Ice skating lessons, public skating, youth and adult hockey leagues, and hockey camps are just some of the activities this world-class facility offers.

  8. The Great Park Ice Arena is where Olympic gold medalist Nathan Chen trained. Nathan Chen won a gold medal in Men’s singles figure skating at the 2022 Winter Olympics, which was held in Beijing.

  9. The Great Park has a farm and food lab. This farm and food lab acts as an outdoor classroom for individuals of all ages, which aims to educate people on agriculture and gardening, and inspire unique ideas. The Great Park Farm and Food lab features fruit trees, raised bed gardens, vertical gardening, innovative and environmentally friendly lighting, a chicken coop and themed gardens.

  10. The Great Park’s most iconic attraction is the Great Park Balloon. This orange balloon has the ability to soar 400 feet over the surrounding area and offers stunning 360 degree views.

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