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Eugenie Zheng, Creator and owner of the Eugenie Realty Group Community Engagement and Contributions

  • Eugenie Zheng, who is the creator and owner of the Eugenie Realty Group, has been a resident and homeowner in the great park literally since it was built. She is an active community member and home owner. Eugenie helped many families make the Great Park their home and she continues to care for and help her customers, neighbors and other Great Park homeowners and residents in every way she can.

  • The Great Park is named because of its numerous beautiful parks & trails. There are 8 Total parks in the Great Park that offer unmatched amenities in all of Orange County and stand out at luxury and design. These parks are named Rise Park, Novel Park, Cadence Park, Parasol Park, Beacon Park, Pavillion Park, and Pools Park. Each park has its own distinctive design and features, and every park contains its own clubhouse. Each neighborhood also has multiple pools. Residents of the Great Park Neighborhoods are able to access all pools, parks, clubhouses, and other amenities, such as grills, gardens, and fire pits within the great park neighborhoods using their keyfob, which is provided by the HOA. Solis park, which will be the eighth and newest park to join the Great Park neighborhoods family of parks, is still under construction. The great park neighborhoods also contain extensive walkable and bikeable trails, with over 20 miles of completed and planned trails to be included in the community.

  • The long history of the Great Park can be seen in the large trees visible on its streets and parks. They serve two roles, enhancing the beauty of the area and as a reminder that the Great Park is built upon the decommissioned El Toro military base. One example, known as the Parasol Pine, was planted in the 1950s in the exact location that it currently stands in and has never been moved. Hundreds of other large trees, known as Heritage Trees, were saved from the former Marine Corps Station El Toro and were transplanted throughout the neighborhoods.

  • A few years ago the residents & homeowners of the Great Park became concerned when a regional cemetery was proposed to be built in the park. Eugenie Zheng and her neighbors came together and organized themselves to represent the best interest of the residents and the homeowners.

  • After many years of hard work with all sides, the veterans, politicians, and homeowners, a substitute location away from the homeowner's backyards, schools and playgrounds, was chosen as the final place for the cemetery. That was a monumental decision that would not have been achieved had it not been for the hard work and dedication of Eugenie Zheng and her team.

  • The Great Park is home of state of the art, top ranking IUSD schools, which serve the homeowners & residents of the Great Park. There are three k-8 campuses which act as both elementary and middle schools & One High school.

  • It is also surrounded by state of the art sports complexes, museums, art galleries, a balloon ride, reflective pond and Ice skating arena, amongst many other attractions available to both the public and to the active home owners. The sports complex in the great park features a championship soccer stadium with seating for over 2,500 spectators, up to 24 soccer fields, a tennis center which includes a championship court with seating, as well as an additional 24 lighted tennis courts, a championship volleyball court with seating, as well as an additional 4 lighted sand volleyball courts, four basketball courts, 10 baseball fields, two championship baseball stadiums, and children’s play areas.

  • Wild rivers recently opened their doors to the public last summer after building their facility on the Great Park public owned land.

  • Clean up has started to pave the way for the botanical garden to cover a large plot of land adjacent to the homes in the Great Park which will serve not only to enhance the beauty and the quality of life of the residents in the Great Park, but it will also attract local and international visitors.

  • Recently the city approved the plans to start building the amphitheater which will also serve as a major venue for concerts and events in the Great Park neighborhoods.

  • The Great Park Neighborhoods is minutes away from the Woodbury Town Center and the Cypress Village Shopping Center, and is planned to have its own shopping center constructed as well.

  • Additionally, the City of Hope medical center recently opened its doors, bringing cutting edge medical expertise, personnel, and employment opportunities to the heart of the great park.

  • The Eugenie Realty Group has in-depth knowledge of everything related to the Great Park. Finding your dream home, creating a lifestyle - We guide you every step of the way. If you are looking to buy your next dream home or to sell your home, then we can help! Our knowledgeable and professional real estate consultants can give you the right real estate advice and help you get property savvy. We are the #1 real estate team, so if you are looking for an expert to sell your home, then look no further. We can help you live the life you imagined.

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